Our focus on the Mystic River watershed 








Because the office of Pixecol is so close to Shaker Brook, which is a favorite source of Pixecol imagery and a tributary of the Mystic River, Pixecol has adopted the entire Mystic River watershed, and serves and acts as a friend and ally of its sustainers.

In addition to any such collaboration, Pixecol pledged to exhibit throughout the watershed, perpetually, only its works that celebrate the nature of the watershed.  Single pieces hang in a variety of locations not necessarily known for displaying contemporary art.


View of the brook

Reflecting dynamics of the watershed and all beings, Pixecol regularly substitutes new pieces for older ones.

This is local public service pertaining to the turn to sustainability that Pixecol can simply perform, needing only cooperation from the owners and executives who decide what goes and stays on walls.

Pixecol exhibits in conventional ways, as well, hanging multiple pieces in a single place, as arranged.  In these settings also, what Pixecol exhibits in the watershed is of it.














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